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What Is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

The Chinese herbal medicine can be internal or external use. Most of the herbal medicine are from the root, leaf ,stalk or seeds from some kinds of plant. It's pretty natural. There are different types of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese patent medicine, extract herbal medicine and raw herbal medicine. The instruction of the TCM practitioner is necessary before you use it.

中草药可以口服, 也可以外用。大多数中草药来自一些植物的根、叶、茎或种子。它们是很自然的。中草药种类多样, 如中成药、粉剂和颗粒剂等提取物和饮片等。中草药在使用前, 中医师的医嘱是必要的。

Chinese herbal medicine is the major component in the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Herbal medicine consist of a huge collection of plants and other materials such as insects or minerals that have different effects on our body. When knowledgeably used, herbal medicine can have dramatic healing effects.

中草药是传统中医体系的主要组成部分。草药方剂由一些植物类、虫类和矿物类等物质组成, 这些物质对身体的疗效各不相同。如使用合理, 草药方剂会凸显疗效。

How does Chinese Herbal Medicine work? The practice of Chinese herbal medicine is an art, for the combination of herbs into just the right formula takes a significant amount of skill and knowledge. A formula may contain up to 10-15 herbs. Each formula consists of a chief herb, a few herbs to assist effect.

中草药是如何起效的呢? 中草药的临床治疗是一门复杂的技术活, 将中草药配伍成准确的配方需要大量的技能和知识。 一个配方可以包括10-15种单剂草药。每个方剂由君药/主药和臣药/副药组成,臣药辅佐君药才能起效。

For example, the "chief herb" is the most important ingredient and holds the therapeutic focus of the entire formula. The deputy assists the chief in its duties by supplementing the focused approach or by treating secondary conditions. The assistant may foster the synergistic workings of the formula or assist in the prevention of possible toxic side effects, while the envoy may direct the formula to a specific body area or harmonize the actions of the other ingredients.

例如, 主药是配方最重要的成分, 紧扣全方的治疗重点。副药通过补充集中的办法或治疗次要症状来协助主药发挥作用。副药可促进配方的协同作用或协助预防可能产生的毒副作用,而主药可将配方引导到特定的身体部位或协调配方的其它成分发挥作用。

Chinese herbal medicine is traditionally used for internal organ imbalances. It is often used as a complement to acupuncture, and the two are often used in the same treatment. Each system affects Qi of the body in specific ways. In many instances, herbal remedies are used to supplement the body's Qi, and acupuncture is used to manipulate Qi, focusing it where it is needed.

传统上讲, 中草药用于治疗内脏功能失衡。中草药常作为针灸的辅助疗法, 两者常并用于同一病症治疗中。每个系统都以特定的方式影响身体的气/能量。在许多情况下,草药被用来补充身体的气,而针灸被用来控制气,集中在它需要的地方。

The Chinese herbs are safe and effective. As early as 3000BCE, the Chinese Pharmacopoeia begun to be documented and continued to expand until over 3500 herbs were well researched and recorded. Most of them are made from plants. They are whole food, naturally made and with minimum Side Effects.

中草药治疗不仅安全而且有效早在公元前3000年,《中国药典》就开始有文献记载,并不断扩大,研究和记录的草药超过3500种。大多数中草药由植物炮制。它们是天然食品, 副作用很小。

Chinese Medicine practitioners treat the patient, not the disease, and the herbal medicine has to be customized to suit the needs of an individual. Herbs can be natural or cultured, nowadays cultured mostly. There are over 2,000 different kinds of herbs of which about 400 are commonly used.

中医师治疗的是病人, 不是疾病, 草药必须根据个人的需要而特别定制。草药可以是天然的,也可以是人工养殖的,现在大多是人工养殖的。有2000多种草药, 其中约400种常用。


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